Bad Breath: Getting to the root of the problem!

If you pop mints or chew gum for covering up bad breath, then you are probably suffering from halitosis. Most cases of smelly breath are due to inadequate dental hygiene. If you fail to floss or brush your teeth after each meal, particles of food get stuck within your tongue, gums and teeth and start to degenerate causing bad odors.

An unclean mouth also leads to the growth of bacteria that can cause potential gum disease, also leading to bad breath. Apart from this, certain food items and drinks can lead to bad breath, including:

  1. Onions
  2. Garlic
  3. Cheese
  4. Soda
  5. Orange juice

Once these drinks or foods are digested, their oils travel through your blood stream into your lungs. A bad odor is then let loose through your breath.

There are several other causes of bad breath such as,

  1. Dry mouth: saliva helps in keeping the mouth clean. When your moth remains dry for too long dead cells start building up causing bad breath.
  2. Chronic diseases: certain underlying health issues can lead to bad breath. Liver or kidney failure, cancer, lung infection etc. are all connected to halitosis.
  3. Mouth, respiratory, nose and throat conditions. Such conditions are also connected to bad breath.
  4. Tobacco products. Tobacco can dry the mouth and cause bad breath. Those who consume tobacco on a regular basis are also at risk of acquiring gum disease, poor oral health, and the like.

If you feel you have developed bad breath, visit an affordable dental care during the weekend and figure out what is causing the problem. In some cases, halitosis can be because of plaque buildup, which is a sheet of bacteria on the teeth. If the dentist open on Sunday believes this to be the case then the expert may ask you to use a medicated antimicrobial mouth rinse.
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