The Various kinds of cosmetic dentistry

While conventional dentistry handles proper oral hygiene and the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of dental diseases, cosmetic or aesthetic dentistry concentrates more on the enhancement of the look. It normally solves problems such as, chipped or crooked teeth, missing teeth or discoloration.


The various kinds of aesthetic dentistry treatments:

Reclamation of bite

The treatment is performed for changing the vertical dimension of teeth that have undergone several years of wear due to acid reflux and grinding. Once the treatment is complete, patients have a shorter and closed appearance in their face and smile.


Bonding assists in enhancing how the projections look if they are broken, chipped, cracked, have too much space, are stained, and the like. The treatment comprises of application of a composite resin on the surface of the tooth, put into shape and then hardened using a laser light. The tooth naturally blends with the rest of the tooth structure, enhancing a person’s smile.

This procedure is known to be the easiest and is completed in a single visit. Small cavities can also be filled by bonding. Apart from this, dentist in Baltimore also use this procedure as an alternative to amalgam or silver fillings.


These days, both adults and children benefit from using braces. Braces are not only used for correcting misshapen or crooked teeth, but they can also help to enhance jaw joint disorders, irregular bite, or improper jaw positioning.

Steady pressures are applied on the teeth using braces. This helps in repositioning them slowly into alignment. Dental experts or orthodontist make use of ceramic, metal, or porcelain brackets and bind them to the projection. Arch wires are strung through brackets for guiding the teeth properly into the right position. Orthodontic braces are normally worn for approximately 1-3 years after which dental experts replace the braces with retainers that help in holding the teeth in their position.

Cosmetic dentistry is increasing in popularity with each passing day to enhance the smiles and appearance of so many individuals. With the coming of newer technologies, a range of techniques and tools are readily available for dentists to help their patients attain the required results.