Periodontal Diseases: What does it entail?

Gum diseases, also commonly referred to as periodontal diseases, may vary from issues that are as small and negligible as gum inflammation to as serious as damaging bone and gum tissues that hold the teeth, and in more severe cases, lead to the loss of tooth/teeth. To know what periodontal diseases are, we need to know the root cause of the problem.


As we all know, our mouths are full of bacteria, which along with other substances form sticky, yellowish ‘plaque’ on teeth. This plaque can be removed with flossing and regular brushing. But if plaque goes untreated for long, it can harden and form ‘tartar’. Tartar is not easy to remove, once it gets deposited. One needs to visit a dentist open Sunday for dental cleaning to get rid of tartar.

If you have been ignoring aforementioned problems for long, you need to immediately start with the dental treatments as the prolonged deposition of tartar further worsens the problem leading to the inflammation of gums. This particular problem of inflammation of gums is also called ‘Gingivitis’. This leads to reddening, swelling and bleeding of gums. Avoid this any further and it can give rise to further dental and/or gum problems. Gingivitis can be treated by regular brushing, flossing and frequent professional cleaning by a dentist. But if not treated timely, it is a step away from Periodontitis. Periodontitis is caused by the worsening of Gingivitis. It leads to separation of gum from tooth and the empty spaces formed as a result of the separation are called pockets. These pockets get infected and cause inflammation around the tooth. This advances further to cause damage to bones and connecting tissues that support the tooth. As a result of which, the tooth becomes loose and falls. This kind of gum disease requires immediate attention of a well experienced periodontist. Periodontists are specialized in gum diseases. They can diagnose your gum problems and suggest appropriate treatment.

It is important to know how to detect gum diseases by considering the following:

  1. Bad breath even after regular brushing and flossing
  2. Swollen and bleeding gums
  3. Pain and sensitivity in and around the infected teeth
  4. Receding gums.

If you are experiencing any of these, you need to immediately visit a periodontist. Make sure that your periodontist is available on Sundays too. It’s always better to opt for dental services that are available 24*7 because you never know when you might need to go for an emergency dental clinic. Always go through the reviews and dentistry services available at the dental clinic situated in your area. You can also learn about the reputation of a clinic online through various forums.



Dental aesthetics is a part of dentistry dealing with procedures that help enhance the look of a person’s gums, teeth, and bite. There are two specialties in this field- Prosthodontists and Orthodontists that further involve procedures like- bonding, crowns (caps), porcelain veneers (laminates), enameloplasty, teeth whitening (bleaching), straightening and the like-

Whitening– Bleaching or whitening is a popular cosmetic dental procedure used by  for lightening discolored teeth. There are numerous whitening options available in the market today, including dentist-supervised treatments and over the counter products.

Tooth reshaping– tooth shaping involves removing sections of the enamel to enhance the look of the teeth. It can be used to alter the length, and shape of teeth, rectify a small chip, and correct several other damages. This procedure involves odontoplasty, enameloplasty, contouring, slenderizing, re-contouring, sculpting or stripping.

Dental bridges– dental bridges are fake teeth that are bonded between two crowns to fill in gaps left by missing projections. Bridges lessen the hazard of gum disease and assist in correcting bite issues to enhance a patient’s speech. However, bridges require serious oral hygiene, but can last for more than ten years.

Veneers – veneers are custom-made, ultra-thin, porcelain laminates that are attached to the teeth directly. They are a great option for eliminating gaps or concealing stained teeth that respond badly to whitening procedures. Depending on the treatment, tooth reduction could be required.

Veeners are perfect for candidates with healthy, normal teeth and want delicate changes to their smile. The dentist open Sunday take the x-rays of the patient to analyze the location and size of the pulp of very tooth to make sure that there’s sufficient bone to support them.

Gum lift– Gum lift is an aesthetic procedure that sculpts and raises the gum line. This treatment involves redesigning the tissue and the underlying bones to give the appearance of symmetrical, longer teeth.

Your cosmetic dentist in Baltimore can answer any query you may have regarding techniques used to improve your smile. After analyzing the current state of your teeth and desired results, he will decide the best treatment for you. However, to ensure that the procedure goes swiftly make sure you get in touch with a qualified dentist who has enough experience and expertise in aesthetic dentistry. One of the best ways through which you can find out about good dental clinics around your area is to read online reviews and ask friends and family for suggestion. Remember, aesthetic dentistry is a specialized field which requires skill and precision. Choose a clinic wisely for best results.