Can medicine have a negative impact on our oral health?

39It is believed that a lot of medicines can affect our dental health in a negative manner. Apart from prescribed vitamins and over-the-counter drugs and minerals, organic supplements may also cause oral health issues that could range from swelled up gums to dry mouth to taste alterations.

Effects of medicines:

Some of the side effects include:

  1. Unusual bleeding from the mouth
  2. Dry mouth
  3. Altered taste
  4. Mouth sores, inflammation, or discoloration of the soft tissues
  5. Cavities
  6. Enlarged gums
  7. Bone loss

Some medicines that make the mouth dry:

Almost five hundred medications can cause a dry mouth. Saliva cleanses your mouth but if its flow is restricted, dry mouth is the consequence. This may also make you prone to tooth decay and gum infections.

Some of the most common medications that lead to dry mouth include:

  1. Decongestants
  2. Antihistamines
  3. High blood pressure medicines
  4. Sedatives
  5. Antidepressants
  6. Pain medications
  7. Antacids
  8. Parkinson’s disease medications

Medicines that lead to abnormal bleeding:

Anticoagulants and aspirin, also called blood thinners, reduce the body’s ability to form blood clots. Although they assist in preventing heart strokes and heart attacks, they can make the gums of the patient bleed, specifically after or during oral surgery.

What can you do about abnormal bleeding? Make sure to let the dentist in Baltimore know that you are taking these drugs so that he/she can take necessary protection. Also, use gentle motions and a soft tooth brush when brushing or flossing your teeth.

Medicines that alter taste:

Some drugs can leave a bitter or metallic taste inside the mouth and a few may change the taste of what you eat. Such medicines include:

  1. Respiratory inhalants
  2. Cardiovascular drugs
  3. Flagyl- antibiotic drug
  4. Central nervous system stimulants
  5. Nicotine skin patches

Medicines that cause reaction on soft tissues

You can develop sores inside the mouth, inflammation, or soft tissue discoloration within your mouth if you take the following drugs:

  1. Immunosuppressive agents
  2. Blood pressure medicines
  3. Some chemotherapy medicines
  4. Oral contraceptives

Let the dentist open Sunday know if you are on any of the medicines so he/she can suggest a good dental care routine to decrease the discomfort.

Medicines that lead to enlarged gums:

Enlarged gums, also called gingival overgrowth, may happen if you take:

  1. Immunosuppressant drugs
  2. Antiseizure medications

When taking these medicines, make sure you take extra care when flossing and brushing.

Do not stop taking a medicine without consulting your physician first. In case a drug is causing oral health issues, let your dentist in Baltimore know. There is always an alternative.


Is cosmetic dentistry the right option for you?

8If you are considering cosmetic dental treatments to enhance your smile, it is very important to understand that there are several different options to choose from. And more than that, it is important for you to carefully consider each option before undergoing the dental procedure.

Here is a basic rundown of some popular options available today.

Teeth Whitening

With teeth whitening, you can easily turn a stained smile into a smile that is as good as new. There are several different whitening treatments available to achieve optimum results.

Porcelain Dental Veneers

Porcelain veneers are for those who have teeth that are too crooked, chipped or stained for whitening. These thin shells made of ceramic are used to conceal these kinds of dental problems.


Invisalign are invisible braces that are very effective in treating dental misalignments. They are one of the best options for adults looking to get their teeth straightened without having to deal with the embarrassment of a wire running around their teeth.

It’s very natural to wonder whether cosmetic dentistry is the right option for you. And although cosmetic dentistry is not the solution for everyone, new advancements and technologies in this area have made it safe, reasonable, and worth a consideration. Experts believe that there are certain technical aspects to every procedure that only a qualified dentist can understand. Hence, if you want cosmetic dentist in Baltimore to transform your smile, repair a broken tooth or fix a stain, get in touch with a good dental clinic. You can also ask family and friends for suggestions or look through directories to find out what options you have. All good clinics will be happy to take your queries about – cosmetic dentistry. Some clinics also offer oral assessment to determine whether cosmetic dentistry is right for you.

What is the role of a family dentist?

19The only natural bones within our body are our teeth. Since they are not protected from the environment by tissues, they’re prone to disease and injury. Family dentists provide care that helps in protecting the teeth and reversing the effects of oral health problems.

Role of a family dentist:

Most people don’t realize how important dental checkups really are to avoid and detect serious health issues such as, oral cancer and gum disease. During a regular examination, a family dentist inspects the patient’s teeth for any symptoms of infection or decay. In addition, the expert also suggests a fluoride treatment and teeth cleaning to improve and maintain the quality of the gums and teeth.


Early detection of oral disease is extremely important to prevent tooth loss, heart problems and stroke. Regular visits to a family dentist in Baltimore ensure that overall health of the body is maintained.

Here is a list of services a family dentist provides:

  • Tooth-colored dental fillings
  • Tooth extraction
  • Dental crowns
  • Wisdom teeth extraction
  • Teeth whitening
  • Dentures
  • Dental bridges
  • Root canals

Some patients may also require medications to relieve pain and treat oral infections after a medical treatment. The family dentist decides which medication is best for the patient after analyzing his/her medical history and dental health.


Like any other dentist, family dentists also have to pass a series of tests before getting their license to open a family dentistry. They have to start off by giving the DAT (dental admission test), an exam that allows them to showcase their biology, chemistry and math skills to dental schools. Once selected, they undergo vigorous training and course work to become dentists. Some dentists are also required to undertake residency programs to make sure they are completely trained in their niche. Basically, all dentists need thorough training to start practicing in a state like Texas.

While following a healthy home regiment such as flossing and brushing is important to healthy teeth, professional tooth cleaning is a lot more thorough and helps get rid of plaque buildup. If you are looking for an excellent family dentistry to help maintain the oral health of your family, it is best to research online. Most reputed dental clinics have websites displaying the services they offer along with their addresses. There are also several dentist open Sunday whose services can be availed by those who do not get the time to take an appointment during the weekdays. However, it is extremely important to make sure to choose the right dental expert who has the expertise and experience.

How to choose a cosmetic dentist?

16Innumerable experts have reinforced the notion that a good smile can take away years from your age and make you look more attractive. Sounds well and good for people blessed with naturally beautiful pearly whites, but what about the rest of us?

With new advancements in dental technology, cosmetic dentistry has emerged as a force to be reckoned with. From teeth whitening and shaping to replacing worn out teeth and closing spaces. Dentists have a wide selection of techniques and tools at their disposal for enhancing the look of your smile. However, before signing up to undergo any cosmetic procedure, make sure you choose your dentist open Sunday wisely.


Research is important when trying to find a good cosmetic dentist. You can start by asking your family doctor for recommendation. Apart from this, search through websites that list cosmetic dentists in your area. The internet offers plethora of information related to dentist open Sunday.


Once you’ve short listed a couple of dentists, check to find out whether they are qualified in your state and have undergone proper training. Confirm with the local clerk of court for any negligence cases against the dental expert. Also ask the dentist how much experience he/she holds in performing the specific treatment you want done.

Get references:

Talking to former patients will give you a good idea about the dentist. Apart from this, look at before and after pictures of the treatment you want done. If a clinic does not offer any references or before-after photos, its best to consider going to a different dental expert.

Free consultation:

All reputed dentists in Texas offer free initial consultation. Discuss procedures, ask questions, expectations and costs on this first visit. In case you’re uncomfortable with the dental expert, go for a second opinion with a different dentist.

Smile enhancement can have a drastic effect on your overall appearance, boosting your confidence and self-esteem. However, to make sure the procedure goes as planned, it’s important to choose a dentist wisely. Explore all your options and choose a reputable dentist in Baltimore or whichever city you belong to.

Why should you choose dental implants?

Despite drastic improvements in dental technology, hundreds of people suffer from tooth loss every day — mostly due to gum disease, tooth decay, or injury. For several years, the only treatment available for those with missing teeth were removable dentures or bridges. But, today, dental implants are stealing the show.

What are implants?

In the world of dentistry, implants are replacement roots that offer a sturdy base for permanent and non-permanent teeth that are created to match your natural teeth.

Why choose implants over other alternatives?

There are numerous reasons why choosing dental implants is a good idea, such as:

  1. Enhanced appearance. Implants tend to feel and look exactly like your natural teeth. And since they have the ability to fuse with the jaw bone, they are almost permanent.
  2. Enhanced speech. Dental implants help you in maintaining a clear speech, unlike dentures that have a tendency to slip right out of your mouth, inhibiting clear speech.
  3. Better comfort. Since implants easily become a part of you, they eliminate the uneasiness of removable dentures.
  4. Easier eating. Slipping dentures can make eating difficult. However, implants tend to function like your natural teeth, helping you eat everything without pain.
  5. A boost to the self-esteem. Dental implants can improve the look of your smile and can make you feel good about yourself.
  6. Better oral health. Implants can be fixed without altering other teeth in any way. Hence, all of your teeth are left undamaged.
  7. Durability. If you take proper care, implants can last for a lifetime.
  8. Convenience. Since dental implants are permanent they eliminate the embarrassing problem of removing dentures and the need for using adhesives to keep the denture in place.

Success rates of implants may vary, depending on where the implant needs to be placed and the skill and experience of the dentist placing it. Hence, it is important to choose a clinic wisely. Since it’s a costly and serious procedure, make sure you have researched well about the dentist in Baltimore you select.

What to expect from cosmetic dentistry?

Our smile is normally the first noticeable feature of our body. Thanks to advancements in cosmetic dentistry, anyone can achieve a beautiful set of teeth in a short duration of time, irrespective of their original dental condition.

Cosmetic dentistry: Features

Cosmetic dentistry includes the evenness, shape, straightness, and color consistency of the teeth. Also, like standard dentistry, cosmetic dentistry also involves the gums. The only difference is in standard dentistry, the focus is the health of the gums, while in aesthetic dentistry, the emphasis is on the look of the gum line, how even and straight the gums appear around the teeth.

Types of treatments:


Cosmetic dentistry uses several procedures to balance out the individual and overall shape of the teeth. Bridges, caps, and crowns are used not just to act as bandages or to protect the teeth, but also to bind and cover the teeth so they look straighter. Another fine example is porcelain veneers. Veneers have become extremely popular in cosmetic dentistry. They are accurately shaped pieces that fit on the front of the patient’s tooth.

The process of shaping does not change the original tooth, except for occasional scraping. Its effects are normally guaranteed to last for ten to fifteen years.

Teeth whitening:

There are a variety of products in the market that claim to whiten teeth. Over the counter treatments and products are popular, but in-office whitening treatments are more effective. For instance, laser whitening uses a specialized strength bleaching solution on the exterior of the teeth. The solution is then targeted by a special light for about an hour to brighten the teeth up to sixteen shades. This treatment can be done on almost anyone but is best for patients with exceptionally stained teeth.

Gum treatment:

Sometimes the shape of our gums can make our teeth looking crooked or misaligned. Dental experts will often treat the gums in combination with another procedure, normally veneers. A common procedure for gums is to gently clip them with a special instrument. This slicing helps to recede the gum line and make the teeth look straight and even. The process is quick and heals within weeks, although meanwhile the patient’s gums may appear black.

Cosmetic dentistry in Baltimore analyzes the entire look of the teeth, then classifies the different aspects that need correction in order to achieve the best results. Aesthetic procedures can help in achieving the most stunning smiles rather quickly. Porcelain veneers, specifically, take just a couple of visits. However, to make sure everything goes on smoothly, it is very important to find a reputed dentist in Baltimore. Reputed dental experts have the experience and skills to perform the procedures safely and flawlessly.

Choosing A dentist For a perfect smile

2Choosing a dentist in Baltimore can be a scary decision since no one wants to be left with broken, weak, and bad teeth.  It is also important to share a good dentist-patient relationship since that’s the only way one can completely trust the professional. Some dentists are known to be very business-like and focused on the effectiveness of checking patient after patient on time, while others like to enjoy interacting with the patients while doing their world. Which kind is a better option purely depends upon preference. Normally people should choose a dentist who matches their characteristics and personality.

Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing A dentist in Baltimore


The first thing that needs to be made sure is that the dentist should have the patient’s best interest in mind. If the doctor is only trying to make dollars out of the patient and sees his clients as a business transaction rather than making sure that he/she offers the best service then that’s not a good sign. Luckily, most of the doctors in Gainesville are not like that, and believe in excellence.


Another important thing that should be considered when choosing a dentist is pricing. While most people ascribe to the fact that the quality of work that one gets depends upon how much one is willing to pay, this isn’t always true. Sometimes people can get great deals at really low prices.

Although we should never try to compromise with dental hygiene just to save some extra bucks but at the same time we should also refuse to be taken advantage of with very high prices.

Location :

Even though location is not a very important factor, it is certainly something one should consider. It is convenient to reach on time for appointments and not waste too much time travelling if the doctor’s clinic is close by to one’s office or home. This ease is very much like a gym. The nearer it is, the less one is justified to talking oneself out of going.

Online Booking:

There are several doctors and clinics that also offer online appointment booking. This is a great facility and should be considered especially for those who do not have time to drive down to the clinic or call for an appointment.

So now that one knows what to look for the next question is how to find the right dentist. The best thing to do it is to ask family and friends who they go to. One can tell by the inflection of a person’s voice whether he/she likes the dentist or not. Another way is to search the internet for doctors. There are several free online directories as well as websites that offer information and reviews about different dentists. This can really help narrow down ones search to a single doctor.

When choosing a dentist in Baltimore the patient needs to weigh every single variable and decide on which dentist will best suit his/her requirement. The things that need to be considered are the doctor’s personality, price, motives, and location. Gainesville is a great city when it comes to dentistry; this is because the University of Florida produces well qualified dentists each year. Hence, all on has to do is research a little and select a doctor.